Wellington Magic Club Inc.
New Zealand’s newest magic club is a group of all ages who share a passion for the art of magic. When designing the logo, we considered that this was a younger group than many of the other clubs around the country and we wanted to avoid the classic clichés often associated with magic, such as rabbits, top hats and fans of playing cards.

Our first step was to design an eye catching logo that would become recognisable to the Wellington magic community and wider public. We also created a user-friendly website with a theatrical feel, targeting like-minded enthusiasts. Magic related search terms allow new members to find out about the club. Social media solutions for the club include a secret Facebook group for members as well as a public Facebook page to help promote events such as the annual end of year Christmas show. We continue to support the brand by managing the website and social media pages as well as providing promotional material for shows and events.

Brand & Logo Design

Website Design & Development

Print Design