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Sustainable Solid Fuels
Sustainable Solid Fuels New Zealand Limited (SSF) was a newly formed company who approached us to help them build their brand. They had developed a new kind of briquette for commercial and industrial heating which was superior in energy output to others on the market and 100% carbon neutral, making them a much cleaner choice. The company had engineered a way to turn bark waste from the forestry industry (which would normally be dumped into landfills) into high energy, eco-friendly bark logs. The newly coined “Barkett’s” went through rigorous scientific testing to ensure they lived up to these claims.

It was clear that SSF were passionate about supplying an eco-friendly heating option that would be cheaper than other briquettes and firewood, making it easy for consumers to choose an environmentally sustainable product. The directors imagined a customer oriented business model with transparent and ethical business practices.

We created a company logo and website which reflected these values, as well as packaging for the briquettes and instructions on how to light them.

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